List-O-Mania: 12 Cold-Weather Albums.

The cold weather has begun to hit Seattle, and I’m realizing that there are certain albums that I always turn to to help get me through the coldest months. For me, there are a handful of albums I listen to that are strictly seasonal: I can only listen to Modest Mouse’s The Moon and Antarctica when it’s winter, or cold outside at least, just like I can only listen to the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds in the summer… it just sounds weird otherwise. The albums below, whether rife with allusions to stars (The Moon And Antarctica) or night (Vespertine (which literally means “of the evening”)), or populated with electronic blips that sound like the clinking of crystal (Finally We Are No One), or having the effect of a sonic warming agent against low temperatures (O), these are my go-to cold-weather albums.

Photobucket Radiohead, Kid A
Song: Everything In Its Right Place

Photobucket Modest Mouse, The Moon and Antarctica
Song: The Stars Are Projectors

Photobucket Joanna Newsom, Ys
Song: Cosmia

Photobucket Interpol, Turn On The Bright Lights
Song: Obstacle 2

Photobucket Fionn Regan, The End of History
Song: Noah (Ghost In A Sheet)

Photobucket TV On The Radio, Return To Cookie Mountain
Song: Wolf Like Me

Photobucket Mum, Finally We Are No One
Song: We Have A Map Of The Piano

Photobucket Beach House, Devotion
Song: Heart of Chambers

Photobucket The National, Boxer
Song: Racing Like A Pro

Photobucket The XX, XX
Song: Shelter

Photobucket Bjork, Vespertine
Song: Hidden Place

Photobucket Damien Rice, O
Song: Cannonball


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