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Somebodies: A YouTube Orchestra.

Isn’t this video beautiful? I love cover songs, and I think it’s amazing that Gotye both put this video together and clearly appreciates and admires the diversity of interpretations of his own song. I can’t stop watching it.

Happy Friday, friends!

The Kooples.

European fashion line The Kooples has been doing this brilliant video ad campaign that features real life couples, dressed in fabulous Kooples clothing of course, talking about the beginnings of their relationships and generally bragging on each other’s awesomeness. It’s a really clever and cute marketing tactic and the couples are undeniably stylish, but its the stories that have won me over and compelled me to watch every single video.

I love hearing people talk about how they met their significant other, and even more than that, I love hearing couples tell the story of how they met each other together. It’s truly one of my favorite things. Each story is different and distinct, and there’s so much joy and affection that reveals itself in the telling. I think having a great how-I-met-my-boyfriend story of my own has only heightened my appreciation of the unique scenarios and circumstances that bring two individuals together… it’s a subtle form of magic. Ah, love.

Watch more The Kooples videos here!

Ask A Grown Man.

So I started subscribing to Rookie a while back, mostly because I became infatuated with Tavi Gevinson, the sixteen-year-old founder and editor-in-chief of Rookie who is incredibly stylish and thoughtful and well-spoken and a feminist. Basically, everything I wanted to be as a sixteen-year-old. Tavi-infatuation aside, I’ve found that Rookie, an online magazine for teenage girls, is actually awesome, both for it’s willingness to engage in discussion about topics that are relevant to teenage girls without being prescriptive or pretending like its writers have all the answers, and also for features like “Ask A Grown Man,” where a grown man answers five questions submitted by readers. I particularly love this video with Jon Hamm, not simply because he’s dreamy, but because he has some wise advice for the teen girls of the world (like, “Everybody farts”) and because he’s very no-nonsense about it all. “Don’t define yourself by who wants to get with you,” he says with his eyebrows furrowed and a you-know-better-than-that tone of voice, which says to me that he actually means it. So awesome. All of which is to say: teen girls need to hear this kind of stuff more often, and I wish Rookie had been around when I was a teenager. And Tavi is my hero.

You can watch more “Ask A Grown Man” segments (the one with Paul Rudd is very funny, FYI) and other videos on Rookie’s Vimeo page here.

Famous Hands.

YOU GUYS. The line-up for Bumbershoot 2012 was announced this morning via the above video, and guess whose hands those are loading the cassette into the tape deck? If your guess was MY HANDS, you are probably smarter than a fifth-grader. This is the big break that me and my hands have been waiting for, and I’m hoping this is just the beginning of a long life of luxury paid for by the royalties from my hand-modeling.

Just kidding, I WAS NOT PAID to have my hands star be featured in this video. I just happen to have a boyfriend who works for One Reel, the awesome non-profit that puts on Bumbershoot every year, and he happened to be the one creating the video and he happened to need a pair of hands to film and I happened to be sitting nearby. It all happened by chance. Obviously.

But in all seriousness, I’m wicked excited for Bumbershoot 2012. Last year was my first Bumbershoot and it was amazing, and I have a feeling that this year may be even better. I’m really looking forward to seeing M. Ward (who I’ve seen a couple times, but who’s always incredible live), The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Katie Kate, and M83, and I can’t wait to see who else shows up on the line-up. If you live in or near Seattle, cancel all of the plans you’ve made for Labor Day weekend and come to Bumbershoot instead. You’ll be glad you did. And if you’re lucky, I might even let you touch look at my famous hands in person.

Make It Count.

Watching this video has totally re-ignited my wanderlust. It’s such a cool concept and it inspires me to go, to do more.

Happy Friday!