New Blog!


My new blog is here! Yay! Nate and I have been working together on this new blog design for a couple months now (and by “working together,” I mean he does all the actual work and I tell him if I like it or not. Wink!), and while it’s still a work in progress, we’re both really excited about how it has come together. I nixed the ‘Articulation Ad Infinitum’ title in favor of a more simple one, ‘GOOD,’ and Nate incorporated the Space Needle and one of my favorite Steinbeck quotes into the header brilliantly. I love the clean simplicity of my new blog design but I the thing that I absolutely love about it is that it allows me to post larger photos than the old blog…. I love seeing the large-scale detail of some of my film photos in the new design! I’m totally stoked to have a shiny new profesh-looking blog to share with the world. Check it here:

NOTE: this will be last new post that will appear on my blog; all new posts from this point forward will be posted on Come away with me to a brave new world!

4 responses to “New Blog!

  1. Congrats! It looks great!

  2. learnitalianforfun

    Congratulations! Going to check out your new website 🙂

  3. What a story is the your! What au beauty you are!Kendall

  4. Fighting Reality

    Congratulations and I’ll be following you at the new site 🙂

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