Thought Catalog.


It took me the better part of 2012, but I have officially been published on Thought Catalog and can finally cross it off my 24 Before 25 list! Yay! The essay is called “Stop Catcalling Me” and it’s an elaboration on this post, which was inspired by this post. Even greater than my pride and satisfaction in seeing my writing on TC is my fascination at the range of comments that have been made: about 50% of the comments are from girls who agree and see their own experiences mirrored in my commentary and the other half are comments from men (and a few women) who insist I need to “loosen my corset.” There are a lot of people who strongly disagree with what I wrote, which I think is great because it reiterates that this is a really sensitive issue that the sexes stand very divided on, and it’s really exciting to see something I wrote facilitate a passionate debate among the commenters. Check it out here if you’d like!

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  1. Kendall, I just read this on Thought Catalog and wanted to say a huge ¨thank you¨! I am a Peace Corps Volunteer based in Nicaragua and have been struggling so much with this. I receive between 20 and 30 catcalls a day and reading your article felt like such a breath of fresh air, especially for this exhausted ¨chela¨. Thank you!

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