Music Video Monday #52: Crystal Castles’ “Plague.”

I’m a day late on this Music Video Monday, but this video is simply too good to wait until next week. I watched this video via Pitchfork yesterday and was surprised to discover that it was originally a fan video, but that Crystal Castles were just so smitten with it that they decided to make it the official video for their newest single, “Plague.” The footage is from the 1981 French horror film Possession, and after doing a little YouTube research, I was able to find the same sequence from the film to compare (I’m not going to link to it because it gets pretty disturbing; if you’re determined to watch it, I’m sure you won’t have difficulty finding it). It’s amazing how much sound contributes to our interpretation of images: where the film sequence is stark and harrowing and uncomfortable, the addition of music makes it feel so artful, as if the contorted movements weren’t a seizure but rather a dance, a fit of uncontrollable ecstasy. The music creates the context and that context allows for a single sequence of images to be transformed into something new and almost unrecognizable, with the possibility of infinite variations. So incredible.

Art is awesome. #duh


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