Medicinal Hike.

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Yesterday morning, my friend Bekah and I decided to skip to town. We went for a hike just past Lake Stevens, a little less than two hours away from Seattle, and it was kind of magical. I am undoubtedly a city girl through and through, but there’s something so purifying about escaping into nature for a little while. It feels so good to sweat out all of the stress and negativity that builds up over the course of a week and just surrender it to the earth, and it’s so inspirational to stand in the midst of waterfalls and mountains and towering trees and experience how miraculous and and astounding and beautiful nature is. I may have had a transcendent moment on this hike. At the very least, it was a hefty dose of medicine for the city-girl blues, and for that, I’m well-pleased.


2 responses to “Medicinal Hike.

  1. Looks blissful! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful, calming image.

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