Music Video Monday #51: Father John Misty’s “Hollywood Forever Cemetary Sings.”


Raise your hand if you’re glad Josh Tillman left Fleet Foxes to become Father John Misty? Yeah, me too.

This video terrifies me in the best way possible. Aubrey Plaza’s performance is like a case study in grieving and self-destruction, with all of her spiraling and stumbling and teetering between rage and tears, and she does it so well and with such nuance that it makes me a little uncomfortable. She’s divine. The whole video plays out like some kind of fever dream where time ceases to be linear and the line between hallucination and reality is blurred and you run into the woods to do battle with your demons and wake up with a bloody nose. It’s very surreal until the end when reality comes back into sharp focus, and what appears to be a rescue quickly turns into an imprisonment. It’s a shockingly dark twist to an already-dark tale, but there’s also a bizarre humor in it that instinctively makes you want to laugh until you realize what’s actually happening. That’s an expert blend of horror and comedy right there, and that’s what makes this video memorable. Long live Father John.


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