Daily Archives: May 21, 2012

Music Video Monday #49: Drake’s “Take Care.”

I had to make a roundtrip drive from Seattle to Portland in my grandparents’ car a couple weekends ago, and since the CD player was broken, I spent a good deal of time searching for an acceptable radio station to listen to during my journey. Refusing to settle on a country or gospel station (and in lieu of a classic rock station, which would have been my first pick), I reluctantly left the dial on a Top 40 station and have been on a big pop music kick ever since. I really dig this song, and Drake in general I suppose, and the video is surprisingly avant-garde for a pop song. I love the way the temperature of the video shifts tonally between a cold blue and a warm sepia and a neutral monochrome, and the extreme detail of the slow motion shots, of a bluejay’s wings flapping and a bull trotting as dust flies off its back, paired with the thumping beat and repetition of those piano chords is absolutely hypnotic. I also really like that there’s no other visual stimuli beyond the moving subject of each shot; it serves to reinforce that earnestness with which Drake is trying to convince this lady to let go of past heartbreaks and give things a go with him, in the same way that Rihanna’s looks into the camera as Drake holds her convey the trepidation, the resistance to starting a new relationship when the hurt of an old relationship is still fresh in one’s memory, that Drake is trying to assuage. The song itself is a persuasive speech, but the video turns it into a dialogue and I love that.

Happy Monday!