Ask A Grown Man.

So I started subscribing to Rookie a while back, mostly because I became infatuated with Tavi Gevinson, the sixteen-year-old founder and editor-in-chief of Rookie who is incredibly stylish and thoughtful and well-spoken and a feminist. Basically, everything I wanted to be as a sixteen-year-old. Tavi-infatuation aside, I’ve found that Rookie, an online magazine for teenage girls, is actually awesome, both for it’s willingness to engage in discussion about topics that are relevant to teenage girls without being prescriptive or pretending like its writers have all the answers, and also for features like “Ask A Grown Man,” where a grown man answers five questions submitted by readers. I particularly love this video with Jon Hamm, not simply because he’s dreamy, but because he has some wise advice for the teen girls of the world (like, “Everybody farts”) and because he’s very no-nonsense about it all. “Don’t define yourself by who wants to get with you,” he says with his eyebrows furrowed and a you-know-better-than-that tone of voice, which says to me that he actually means it. So awesome. All of which is to say: teen girls need to hear this kind of stuff more often, and I wish Rookie had been around when I was a teenager. And Tavi is my hero.

You can watch more “Ask A Grown Man” segments (the one with Paul Rudd is very funny, FYI) and other videos on Rookie’s Vimeo page here.


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