Silent World.


“In the Silent World project, we wanted to study and transform our world’s most symbolic metropolises into imaginary, fictional, impossible places. In our work, we always try to study and put into image the frontier between reality and the world of dreams. Our desire was to put the viewers into a puzzling and uncomfortable place, pushing him to put into question notions of time and space, but mostly our role and position towards the becoming of our world.”
Lucie & Simon

There are some places that just don’t look right without people in them. Sometimes, in real life, when I find myself in a setting where people should be but aren’t, I’m seized by a fear that something is terribly wrong, like the Rapture has happened and I’ve been left behind just like Kirk Cameron. Once a person appears, my surroundings seem normal again and, of course, that fear seems completely irrational. Recently, I stumbled upon this incredible series of photos by Lucie & Simon that reimagine some of the world’s most frequented places as completely empty and nearly devoid of human life. My initial reaction to these photos was that same Rapture fear, especially because the crowds at the Louvre in Paris and the hustle and bustle of New York’s Times Square are still so fresh in my memory. But the more I look at them, the more their stillness speaks to me, soothing me rather than scaring me. There is something beautiful about complete quiet and about these abandoned settings, man-made but standing alone, without a human in sight; something beautiful about the fact that I will probably never witness stillness on as large a scale as this in real life.








You can see more photos from Lucie & Simon’s Silent World series here.


One response to “Silent World.

  1. Bubble of dreams and nightmares...just life!

    Thanks for this post! I didn’t know this amazing work!

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