Blog Break.

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As you may have surmised from my week-long absence, I’m taking a bit of a blog break. I’ve left Amsterdam behind, and as much as I was certain it wouldn’t be, it was bittersweet. I haven’t shared much about my day-to-day experience as an au pair and there’s a reason for that, but I’m not quite prepared to talk about it yet. All of which is to say, I’ll be taking a break from blogging until the beginning of April, at which time I’ll probably be prepared to spill my guts… trust me, I’ve got some stories to tell. Until then, stay classy, readers!


3 responses to “Blog Break.

  1. Enjoy your break – looking forward to hearing from you soon!

  2. See that you’re taking a break but wanted to mention I’ve nominated you for one of those “Versatile Blogger Award” thingies. Love your posts!

  3. I have been on and off of your blog for awhile now, I love your style! I can’t wait for you to come back and start righting! 🙂

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