Music Video Monday #46: St. Vincent’s “Cheerleader.”

This video took my breath away the first time I watched it. Although it’s strange to see the diminutive Annie Clark as a Gulliver’s Travels-inspired giantess, the concept is brilliant and visually stunning, with giant-Annie on display as a sort of art installation, a spectacle, who tries to liberate herself from a role she no longer wishes to play. Within the details, there’s a juxtaposition of fragility and self-determination that is just powerful. And I’ll just come out and say it: Annie Clark is a goddess and a beauty, even with her limbs breaking off.


One response to “Music Video Monday #46: St. Vincent’s “Cheerleader.”

  1. I love the way you have presented the music video here. I love this song now may be just cause you liked it that way.

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