European Tourist Maps.

I am not a collector of touristy baubles, but I am a collector of maps. Whenever I travel somewhere I always pick up a tourist map for navigational purposes, but I always end up keeping them because I’m borderline obsessive about maps, and I find tourist maps in particular to be really interesting. There are always little visuals for tourist landmarks and sometimes different areas of the city are color-blocked, and it’s just fascinating to see how different the layout of each city is and, as a result, how stylistically different each map is. Since coming to Europe, I’ve become increasingly enchanted by metro maps; they’re such amazingly intricate systems, and I love how the map’s interwoven tendrils of color visually convey that. As I said before, BORDERLINE OBSESSIVE. Nevertheless, here are a few maps from my collection.


1 & 2: Paris. 3 & 4: Barcelona. 5 & 6: Rome. 7 & 8: London Tube. 9 & 10: 360° view from top of London Eye. 11: Berlin. 12: Berlin S-Bahn and U-Bahn.


4 responses to “European Tourist Maps.

  1. i LOVE looking at maps. I had a thing for reading my parent’s Atlas when I was a kid…and even now, as an adult, I have maps lining my hallway. I really like the photo with the circular map, how neat!

  2. Reblogged this on Colby is Mega and commented:
    I love maps of…. well everything!

  3. I too love maps… maps of anything. You have a nice collection. I also like your phrasing, “map’s interwoven tendrils of color.”

    Here is a cool blog you might like:
    Hmm.. that might look like spam, but it’s not. I found that site a while ago and it has weird and unusual maps of all kinds.

    (I am also fond of the design of paper money and flags of all kinds.)

  4. I have the same map of Paris! 🙂
    Lisbon’s subway net is very small compared to those, but the city maps can be beautiful. I’ll make sure you’ll add one to your collection soon! 🙂

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