Happy Birthday, Mr. Dickens!


Today is the 200th birthday of the great Charles Dickens! Not only is he one of my favorite authors EVER, but he’s also a writer whose works, much like Shakespeare, have permeated and remain a fixture in the culture of the English language. I bet you could ask almost any native English speaker to quote Dickens, and they could do so easily, spouting “God bless us, every one!” or “Please sir, I want some more,” without ever having read A Christmas Carol or Oliver Twist. Mr. Dickens was often called The Inimitable, because there was truly no one else who could write like he could. He wrote with humor and keen social observance, creating a deep and wide scope of characters from all walks of life, and he had an undeniable soft spot for children and the poor. And luckily for him, he had the rare opportunity to enjoy popularity and financial success during his lifetime. All of which is to say: Charles Dickens was awesome, and his life and his works are something to be celebrated!


2 responses to “Happy Birthday, Mr. Dickens!

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    he is such an inspiration…
    happy birthday 😀

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    happy birthday charles dickens february 7

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