Music Video Monday #45: Feist’s “The Bad In Each Other.”

“When I approached Martin [de Thurah] to make a little film for this song, he told me he thought it sounded like a battle cry. And that he wondered about finding the little, tiny wars people experience in between the big dramas,” Feist tells SPIN. “I interpreted that to mean, all the quiet internal battles that guide our actions, all the hopes and struggles we suppress or let carry us away. I feel like he’s made a sort of symphony of In Betweens and stretched split seconds into feel-able, graspable echoes.”

Leslie Feist possesses an otherworldly eloquence when talking about her art, right? I love the idea of a “symphony of In Betweens,” and I think that phrase so perfectly expresses what this video is all about. I usually gravitate toward videos with a very clear narrative, but the fragments, the brief glimpses of these individuals’ lives, tell a nuanced story in themselves about the enigma of humanity. Which is the best kind of story, if you ask me.


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