French Braid.

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I’ve officially completed my first item on my 24 Before 25 list! I now possess the knowledge to French braid my own hair and I’m so pleased about it that I’ve been rocking a braid a la Francais for four straight days. I may never wear my hair un-French braided again. A special shout-out goes to YouTube, whose abundance of video tutorials on just about every skill under the sun was integral to my learning… I won’t say that I couldn’t have done it without you, but it would’ve been a lot more difficult without you, for certain. Love ya.

Cross it off the list!

6 responses to “French Braid.

  1. Cute! How did you learn?

  2. Or rather which video did you use?

  3. Seriously, french braids are my favsie…that and fishtail braids. I totally miss being able to braid my hair like you’ve done here because I’ve got bangs now and frankly, they just don’t seem to look right when I try to braid them-annnnnnd you look gorg! Jealooussssssssssssssss! Xo Lori

  4. Way to go! You’ll be victorious in no time!

  5. I just want to say that this post totally inspired me. I like my hair but I get bored with it easily and for some reason it never occurred to me to search online for ideas. I’ve also never been great at french braiding. I have now spent a little time online and have successfully tried a few new dos for myself and my daughter. Not sure I’ve totally got the french braiding down but it’s getting better. So thanks! 🙂

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