Shit Nobody Says.

Ever since the birth of Shit Girls Say last month, there have been about a million different offshoots, including (but not limited to) Shit Jewish Girls Say, Shit Hipsters Say, Shit Southern Gay Guys Say, Shit Sighted People Say to Blind People, etc. ad nauseum… and those are just the ones I’ve seen. Shit Nobody Says is definitely my favorite of the numerous offspring because it not only subverts the expectations of the meme, but it’s also suuuuuuuper funny. The statements seem so preposterous (who would ever want Papyrus as a default font, right?), but the actor delivers the lines so brilliantly deadpan that it becomes even more over-the-top. I love it. Enjoy!


One response to “Shit Nobody Says.

  1. i also love this video its hilarious!

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