Playing Catch Up.

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YOU GUYS. The past ten days have been an exhausting whirlwind of non-stop motion and now that the dust is finally settling and I’m getting back into the routine of normal life again, thinking about all of the things I want to share is downright dizzying. I’m coming off of the best, most wonderful, most action-packed vacation of my twenty four years, and I don’t even know where to begin. But here, I’ll give you a brief primer: my newly appointed boyfriend and I spent four days in Rome, including Christmas day, and we returned to Amsterdam for less than ten hours before setting out again for London, where we spent three days, including New Year’s Eve. The word ‘epic’ doesn’t begin to describe the experience, but it’s the only word in my vernacular that even approaches it. And call me a braggart, but I want to relive the entire week on my blog, in excruciating, photo-heavy detail!

And so, I hereby declare this week Catch Up To The Present Week. I’m in the process of culling more than one thousand photos that I took during those seven days, so I’ll be posting those as I finish editing them; but in addition to tons of photos, I’ll also be recounting my afternoon hanging with the Holy Father on Christmas Day and the Pretty Woman moment I had in a Prada store, sharing a video of a starling murmuration over a piazza and details from the most badass edition of my favorite Shakespearean tragedy, and convincing you that no city in the world has, or will ever have, a better New Year’s Eve fireworks display than London.

All of which is to say: there is much to look forward to this week.


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