24 Before 25.

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This post is a day late, but that’s because I spent yesterday having the most delightful birthday ever. I was a little concerned that being in Amsterdam on my birthday this year would be strange and lonely and maybe slightly sad, but it was quite the opposite. Not only did I get to spend it with someone I love, I was also surprised with a special delivery of birthday cards from some of my friends from home (so thoughtful!), watched Elf (my second favorite Christmas movie), ate a divine dinner at an Argentinian steakhouse (nom) and walked around the city arm in arm with my man. This is the first birthday in recent memory that, instead of waking up depressed at that thought of being another year older and of the inevitably of the passing of time, I felt true contentment about my new age and the experiences that have led up to it and molded who I am at this very moment. It was a transcendent moment. And now, I feel sufficiently emboldened and am chomping at the bit to get started on my new list. Here’s to another Year of Yes!

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1. Take the GRE
2. Read every Harry Potter book
3. Rendezvous with my parents in Scotland
4. Write a good short story
5. Go to the ballet
6. Blog re-design
7. Go to the Guinness Factory in Dublin
8. Start running again
9. Get published on Thought Catalog
10. Learn French
11. Take a train journey
12. Swim in the Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik
13. Get a tattoo
14. Hike Mt. Si
15. Buy a piece of clothing in Italy
16. Classic movie marathon
17. See a concert somewhere in Europe
18. Croatian vacation
19. Write one poem a day for one month
20. Sew a dress
21. Drive a car in the U.K.
22. Visit Stockholm while it’s snowing
23. Learn how to French braid
24. Make music

7 responses to “24 Before 25.

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  2. Hey girl! Good list! Funny how different things are appealing to us though, depending on where we live in the World. “Snow in Stockholm?” Really? I’ve lived there for ten years you soo, and winters are not the best season, but alright, I found this on another blog just now and thought I’d share it. http://nicfreeman.com/2012/01/30/top-10-tips-for-travelling-stockholm-sweden/ Let me know if you ever plan on visiting Stockholm and I’ll give you some insider’s! 🙂 Cheers, Helen

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