Today’s Letters.

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Dear Netflix and Hulu, the fact that your websites don’t stream video outside the United States is making it much more difficult than it should be to keep up with my television shows. Thanks for nothing.

Dear Zooey Deschanel, I’ve given The New Girl a chance, and I’m sorry, but the show is almost unwatchable. Your hair always looks really nice, though.

Dear Housecats, please stop shitting in the children’s beds. I beg of you.

Dear Nutella, I’m downright ashamed that my fellow Americans have failed to realize how wonderful you truly are. Rest assured, you have a fan in me for life.

Dear Nowak, I’ve discovered the Dutch equivalent to Man Pies, but nothing compares to the original. I demand that we rendezvous in Bellingham when I return to share a pie.

Dear Skype technology, I have so much respect and admiration for what you do and for the way you allow me to stay connected with the people I love overseas, but could you allow me to stay connected for more than 20 minutes before dropping the call?

Dear Nate, 10 days. I can scarcely breathe from the excitement.

Dear the Pope, I’m looking forward to your blessing on Christmas.


2 responses to “Today’s Letters.

  1. hey, i have rss’ed your blog for a while now congratulations on post # 500 that is fantastic, I am currently living in spain and was having the same problems watching shows with out paying a arm and leg to download them from itunes. My dutch friend pointed me to this website it is called, look up whatever show you so desire and then go stream it at the bottom of the page, some of the sites to stream from are sometimes bunk, or only let you watch for 40 minutes or a number of other things, I tend to use the one with gorilla in the name the most. Let me know how it goes, also have you been to platha de sol in barcelona yet, I really like hanging out there and drinking 1 E beers.

  2. wait, I am just catching up on my rss feads for the first time in months, are you living in France or Spain? and are you a au pair?

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