Music Video Monday #43: Tom Vek’s “Aroused.”

Black and white footage of beautiful people smoking and brooding, then smoking and dancing? Yeah, I think it’s safe to say this video has reached its target audience in me. It’s so simple, but still captivating, and I love observing how each individual person has their own distinct way of smoking. And I don’t care what anyone says: smoking looks cool. It almost makes me miss the days of yore when I used to be a smoker. Almost.

My aim isn’t to sound pretentious, but I adore Tom Vek and have been a fan since his first album came out in 2005 (when I was but a wee seventeen-year-old) and quickly became a soundtrack to my angsty last years of high school. All of which is to say: I’m happy he’s back on the scene after a long hiatus. Also, his new album is called Leisure Seizure. Great title or GREATEST title? I’m going with the latter.


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