A Professional Display of No-Handed Bike Moves.

Guys, I’ve reached a milestone in my residence in Amsterdam: on Friday night I biked to the city center all by myself at night! That may not seem very impressive, but it’s actually a pretty big deal, for me at least. There are so many cyclists in Amsterdam that joining them on the roads can seem a very intimidating and daunting undertaking, especially for someone who hasn’t done any cycling in a city. Even though bikes rule the road 100% in Amsterdam (more on that in a future post), you still have to share it with trams and cars that whoosh very closely by you, and when you do something wrong, your fellow cyclists will be sure to scold you… in Dutch. Terrifying.

I feel like the key to being a true Amsterdamer is mastering the bicycle. The day that I can feel confident navigating the roads, avoid getting hit by a tram and go with the flow of my fellow cyclists simultaneously will be the day that I feel at home here. I’m told that I’ll get used to it in no time. I saw this video the other day and now have dreams of being so comfortable on a bike that I can do the Def Leppard Drummer, the Sobriety Test, the Tony Blair Giving A Speech, and the True Gent without batting an eyelash. It may take a while yet, but a girl can dream, right?


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