5 European Cities.

Confession: I spent a good portion of yesterday afternoon making lists of European cities I want to visit during my year in Amsterdam and researching airfare. My goal is to make one trip (at least) per month for the next year, which may seem lofty, but I believe it’s doable. There are so many places I want to see, but here are five places that I absolutely must see before I return to the good ole U.S. of A.

Photobucket1. Dubrovnik, Croatia
My friend Tyane lived in Germany for a year and said that of all the places she visited (including London, Prague and Edinburgh), Dubrovnik was her favorite. With miles upon miles of coastline and a Mediterranean climate, Dubrovnik sounds like a fantastic place for a beach vacation, which I’m sure I’ll need after a snowy winter in Amsterdam.

Photobucket2. Reykjavik, Iceland
I’ve been obsessed with Iceland ever since reading The Geography of Bliss a couple years ago. The culture sounds fascinating (half the population believes in elves!) and I’m giddy to see waterfalls, volcanoes and glaciers in the same place. Not to mention I may run into Bjork while I’m there, which is reason enough to visit.

Photobucket3. Lisbon, Portugal
Old-world architecture, beaches, and tons of castles. Enough said.

Photobucket4. Copenhagen, Denmark
Another city that’s situated on the water, Copenhagen is home to the two oldest amusement parks in the world, one of which includes the oldest operational ferris wheel. They also have a LegoLand, which I can assure you I’ll be checking out.

Photobucket5. Brussels, Belgium
Brussels is but a mere hop-skip-and-jump away from Amsterdam, so it would be a crime not to go. I’m dying to see Grand Place, and hope that I’m there when they roll out the giant Flower Carpet!


3 responses to “5 European Cities.

  1. for me, Lisbon, Portugal looks best! 🙂
    but the other are also very nice!

  2. Hi again, Kendall!
    I was so thrilled to know you plan to visit Lisbon! 🙂 E-mail me if you need a guide during your stay, I will be pleased to show you around.

  3. Excellent list! My grandma is from Croatia (the beautiful island of Korcula) and my parents are living in Brussels right now, so two places very close to my heart!

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