Mid-Week Reads.


“It can be tempting to see the two types of businesses as straightforward antagonists, but in the quickly changing landscape of book-selling, perhaps the superstore and the independent are not enemies but acquaintances that begrudgingly empathize with each other.” Esther Yi on the closing of Borders’ doors, its effect on independent booksellers and the rise of online book sales. (via The Atlantic)

The New York Times ran a profile on the ever-lovely Feist. She seems like such a gentle spirit, incredibly thoughtful and intuitive. So excited for her new album.

Hannah Daly on why we hashtag: “The hashtag is reclamation of the bits we find important, relevant, and worth remembering in an infinite sea of pieces and fragments.” (via Thought Catalog)

According to pioneers in the field, we’re only a few years away from being able to integrate electronic devices into our bodies to become cyborgs, capable of moving objects and communicating with other human hybrids telepathically. Terrifying. #T3RiseoftheMachines

Advice for Jay-Z and Beyonce’s unborn child, from a no-name white guy. Hey, did you hear that Beyonce’s baby isn’t Jay-Z’s? It’s Destiny’s Child. (insert chuckles here)


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