Mid-Week Reads.


According to Amanda Marcotte, the best television shows of our modern age feature men who are trying to navigate the murky waters of contemporary masculinity. “What does it mean to be a man? No one knows, but it makes for some damn good television.”

A litany of heinous adolescent fashion sins. I committed most of these as a high schooler as well. The only major one missing is the Old Navy Tech Vest… anyone? Anyone? (via Thought Catalog)

Moral individualism/relativism is the great affliction of my generation, says David Brooks. Let’s blame our parents. (via NYTimes)

The inimitable Kat George on the first time you say ‘I love you’: “You want it to be a moment you’re going to remember and recall fondly forever, because you’re going to get married a have a billion kids or at least a puppy, and everything needs to be exactly perfect.”

Errbody be hatin’ on Zooey Deschanel’s girlishness and trying to implicate her for the overarching cultural trend of women not being taken seriously. Zooey invokes feminism FTW. (via Jezebel)



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