Charles Bradley: “Lovin’ You Baby.”

So I know that I gushed about Charles Bradley earlier this week and basically bestowed deity status upon him, but I really just can’t get over what an incredible performer he is and how powerful his music is. I’ve been listening to this jam non-stop for the past couple days, doing lots of swaying with my eyes closed when I’m by myself. It’s such a tender love song and he sings with such overwhelming emotion that it just makes my heart skip a beat. If this isn’t soul, then I don’t know what is.


One response to “Charles Bradley: “Lovin’ You Baby.”

  1. I love him. So much. And I’m wildly jealous you got to see him. He was in town this past weekend, but I couldn’t go thanks to being a poor ass mofo. Saddest ever. I’ve been on a never-ending Otis Redding/Charles Bradley/Sharon Jones soul kick lately. I’m not complaining. I kind of wish it would last forever.

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