Mid-Week Reads.


[New feature! I always find really interesting articles around the interwebs that I forget to post on the weekends, so I’m going to do it mid-week instead so I don’t forget. These are articles/essays/lists/musings/etc. that have tickled my fancy this past week.]

What Chloe Angyal learned from a summer of romantic comedies: there’s a subliminal conservative agenda afoot! (via The Atlantic)

A conversation between Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner and actor Jon Hamm about my favorite episode of television ever, “The Suitcase”. If you don’t watch Mad Men, you should.

What love means, according to little kids. Some of these descriptions are incredible: “When you love somebody, your eyelashes go up and down and little stars come out of you.”

This just in: Science confirms that hotties are also generally meanies. This does not surprise me. (via Jezebel)

Johanna de Silentio on how to define your ambiguous relationship. It’s so pathetic, but so hilarious and realistic. I’ve been this person before… on numerous occasions. (via Thought Catalog)


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