Colorful Hair.

Lately, I’ve had a near irrepressible desire to do something crazy to my hair: I want it to be blue. I love the idea of brightly- and unnaturally-colored hair because it makes a statement wordlessly, and it’s attention-grabbing and potentially controversial and vibrant and unusual and fun. All of which are good things in my book. Ideally I would love for my hair to look like Emma‘s:

Photobucket via

It’s the perfect shade of blue. I also really love Elycia‘s hair lately, in both its pale pink and fuschia incarnations:

Photobucket via

Photobucket via

But then I start thinking that maybe I shouldn’t go all-over colorful all at once, in which case little pops of color in normal-hued hair are really lovely:

Photobucket via

Photobucket via

But all of this is just wishful thinking, as I have a job in a conservative office that would never allow its front desk person to have such garrish tresses. A girl can dream though, right?


5 responses to “Colorful Hair.

  1. I hear you! I work at a big chain coffee company and crazy colored hair is a big no-no. But I have been dying (hah) to go some crazy color!!!

  2. i’ve had blue hair! in high school, it faded and went green so in my first ever driver’s licence photo i have green hair. add to that the mohawk i had at university, and i’m glad i spent my youth doing crazy things to my hair. after all, what else is youth for?

  3. I love the bottom picture with the colourful highlights… I too have been itching to do something a bit more fun with my hair, and that look might just work – especially as I can’t decide what colour to go for.

    I used to work in a gastro-pub, which had a strict policy on hair colour, piercings and tattoos etc, so I feel your pain. These days I’m in an office and not customer facing, so I might be able to get away with a bit more… let’s see!

  4. I’m in the same boat. I love bright colors in hair, but I’m at the front desk in my office and I interact with clients too often to get away with it. I went to Van Michael’s salon and had three feather extensions put underneath my (blonde) hair (royal blue, spotted pink and spotted yellow) so I can easily hide them when needed. It took a while for anyone to notice and they’re fine with it….so maybe try feather hair extensions?

  5. I am never satisfied with my locks. I’ve cut my hair and dyed it 4 times in the last 3 months and I have another appointment next week where I think I’m just going to go for a pixie cut. If you have the personality and the swag to pull off a funky color, go for it. Your conservative cohorts can suck it

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