Music Video Monday #34: Grand Hallway’s “Fourths” and “Roscoe.”

Yep, it’s another double-whammy Music Video Monday! I saw Grand Hallway perform last night at Capitol Hill Block Party, and I fell in love hard and fast. Incidentally, they have some really excellent music videos.

This video feels like summer: the sand, the lapping water, the flower petals, the gently blowing breeze. I love the way the girl’s movements are captured, not fluidly, but all disjointed and spasmodic, and I adore the yellow balloon’s supporting role in the video.

This is absolutely stunning! Interesting fact #1: the Neptune Theater is four blocks away from my apartment. Interesting fact #2: Tomo, the lead singer of Grand Hallway, worked at the Neptune for more than ten years. The Neptune was recently transformed from a movie theater into a live music venue, and I never got to see the inside of it before the transformation, so it’s fascinating to watch this video and see how much has changed between the two incarnations of the building. This video is so quiet and slow-moving and gorgeous, but there’s also a palpable melancholy, a loneliness, that fills the vast space. Which just goes to show that simplicity and minimalism can be every bit as evocative as the elaborate and fancy.


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