I’m A Bohemian Cuddle Boxer.

Photobucket image via Rachel K Sumner

My very good friends Scott and Brandon have been curating a music blog called Bohemian Cuddle Box for the past couple years (I’m not exactly sure what a Bohemian Cuddle Box is, but it sounds really cozy), and I’ve been an avid reader of their blog since the beginning because they find really excellent music and videos to share, and often their posts tie in seamlessly with the literary. Scott and I were English majors together in college and have talked about the possibility of me writing for BCB on-and-off for more than a year, but yesterday I became an official contributor to what I like to refer to as BohoCudBo. I’m excited! Check out a quick article I wrote about one my favorite Seattle musicians and one of the best performers I’ve ever seen, Allen Stone, here.


2 responses to “I’m A Bohemian Cuddle Boxer.

  1. SO excited to have your blogging/writing skillz on the blog. It’s just meant to be.

  2. Allen Stone is dope! I am really digging his stuff as of lately.

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