Romance In The Movies.

So I was reading Allie’s blog yesterday, and she had posted a list of romantic scenes from movies as sort of add-on to a list created by Hello Giggles. I had thought about doing the same thing, but then I realized that, in my mind, there’s only one movie scene that is so romantic that it renders every other romantic movie scene in the world a non-factor: the phone scene in It’s A Wonderful Life.

Let me set the scene for you: George Bailey’s (Jimmy Stewart) father has just died, and instead of setting sail to travel the world like he had been planning for years, he’s forced to stay in small town Bedford Falls to take over the family business to keep it from falling into the money-grubbing paws of Potter (Lionel Barrymore). He goes to call on Mary (Donna Reed), who is absolutely in love with him, shows up in a foul mood (understandably, I guess), and after Mary makes some very romantic overtures, he acts really rude and storms off.

Oh my goodness, this scene just rips my heart strings apart: the way they stand close together to share the phone receiver, the way George closes his eyes and smells Mary’s hair, looking longingly at her as she’s trying to hold back tears. George’s inner conflict over love and pure independence is so palpable. And then he just explodes in an assertion that he doesn’t want to get married ever, like he’s trying to convince himself and then realizes that that’s not really true. The way he just envelopes her and kisses her whole face as she’s weeping… it’s truly the most passionate and tender thing I think I’ve ever seen. I could watch this clip five times in a row and erupt in tears every single time. And that’s not an exaggeration, because I just did it (at work, no less). Sigh.

What’s your favorite romantic movie scene?


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