SlutWalk Seattle.


This past Sunday was Seattle’s SlutWalk, and it was incredible. It was amazing to see men and women, both scantily-clad and fully-clothed, come together to take a stand against sexual violence, victim-blaming and slut-shaming. Slut is an ugly word: it is almost always spoken judgmentally, and even the consonants of the word sound harsh and unforgiving when they roll off of your tongue. It needs to be reclaimed. Because really, when you boil the word down to its essence, it has nothing to do with a woman’s sex life or the way she dresses, and has everything to do with her refusal to conform to the commonly-held notion of “appropriate womanhood” that is socially-prescribed and completely arbitrary.

Photobucket No means no, yes means yes, wherever we go, however we dress

I could probably write a dissertation on this particular topic, but I won’t. I will say, however, that the SlutWalk movement is really exciting and important for modern feminism, and it’s worth looking into even if you have only a marginal interest in feminism/women’s rights. Read more about SlutWalks here, and watch a badass video of a Boston SlutWalk speech (which I consider to be a sort of SlutWalk manifesto) here.


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