Letterpress Love.





I have such a crush on letterpress paper goods. I worked a very brief stint in a print shop, and watching the press technicians print letterpress orders was so fascinating: image plates are created and then coated with paint, and then literally pressed into the paper so that the ink appears only in the indentations. I love the way letterpress gives a little more texture and depth to paper: whenever I look at letterpress items I always want to run my fingers over them; it’s appealing to both my eyes and my hands. There’s just something so antiquated and tangible and lovely about it. As far as I can tell, you have to possess a letterpress machine to create divine letterpress creations, but I want to research DIY methods because I would love to give it a go at home!

1. via SaplingPress on Etsy 2. via 1Canoe2 on Etsy 3. via 1Canoe2 on Etsy 4. via ChewingTheCud on Etsy


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