The Maid of Dishonor.


Since this past Monday was a holiday and I had two free movie tickets, I decided to go and see Bridesmaids with my friend Tyane. It was hilarious, which I expected, but it also very candidly examined female friendship in the context of being in a polar opposite season of life than your friend. And as someone who is single and has a lot of married friends, it was definitely a point that resonated with me. And even more than that, it absolutely delighted my feminist sensibilities. In a movie-going climate in which women are often portrayed as one-dimensional secondary counterparts to dynamic male leads, it was refreshing to see a group of women who were funny and complex and unabashedly weird. Because women are like that in real life! Shocker, I know. It’s an affair that’s definitely worth seeing in the theater, and seeing it will help convince movie studios that real women want (and are willing to pay) to see smart, funny and dynamic women in film, so go check it out!

Also, Kristen Wiig is probably the most hilarious woman alive.


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