Letter Writing.


Isn’t there just something marvelous about receiving a letter in the mail? Especially now that electronic modes of communication are the norm, it really means something when someone takes the time to sit down and write a letter with their own hand. I love how all handwritten letters are distinct and I love to analyze a person’s penmanship, to examine the dottings of their i’s and the swoops of their cursive and appreciate the singularities of each sentence, each word, each letter. I love to save all of the letters I receive, and go through them every couple of years to read and reminisce and be grateful that someone cared enough about me to write me a letter. I long for mail correspondence, for letters that are thoughtful and poetic and unabashedly open, because I grow weary of terse, boring, hastily-written emails. But maybe I’m just old-fashioned.

I love receiving letters in the mail (and I bet you do too!), so here is a proposition: if you write me a letter, I will write you a letter back. Write me a letter about anything. I would love to hear about your family, your job, your relationship woes or whoas, your hometown, and your dreams. Tell me an anecdote from your childhood, or tell me what you would ask for if you had three wishes. Tell me what you think your future children will be like, or tell me about a great place to listen to live music and get a gin & tonic where you’re from. Tell me about the one that got away, or tell me about a time in your life where you were so happy or laughed so hard that you couldn’t keep from crying. I want to hear it all. And I promise I will return the favor with a letter free of spelling errors and written from the heart. There may even be a couple of jokes squeezed in there too.

If you’d like to write me a letter, send me an email at kendall.a.goodwin@gmail.com and I’ll let you know where you can send it to. I look forward to hearing from you!

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2 responses to “Letter Writing.

  1. It might sound as an old-fashioned thing, but i do love letters in the mail too! They are just sooo exciting and the thought that someone still writes you a letter is just sweet! 😀

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