Slaughterhouse 90210.


So I have a big fat blog crush on Slaughterhouse 90210. It’s like the ultimate guilty pleasure that appeals to both my inner English major book nerd and my inner pop culture maven: it pairs images from television with literary quotes, often with incredible astuteness. And the tagline is so perfect: “Kurt Vonnegut, meet Brenda Walsh.” I DIE.



I’m always kind of amazed at how perfectly the quotes go with the images; it’s like the words were written specifically for the television character they’re being applied to, and they’re able to express nuance and give a great deal of insight into the character and their environs. Which is an amazing feat, if you think about it, considering these words have literally no connection to these images outside of this blog. But whenever I see a post that has to do with a TV show I’m invested in, my first thought is always “Wow, that is right on.”



I think the thing I enjoy most about this blog is that it does a really excellent job of merging what I consider to be high art and low art. And maybe that’s just me being snobby, but I’ve always thought that literature is a more elevated form of art than television (and I would venture to say that many people would agree with me). Who would’ve thought to find a connection between Dostoevsky and The Colbert Report? Certainly not I. Slaughterhouse 90210 is able to find an intersection between two very different art forms that is oftentimes both hilarious and somewhat profound simultaneously.



Slaughterhouse 90120 is definitely my favorite internet meme (followed closely by Little Hipster Mermaid) and a steady source of humor for me while I’m at work. What’s your favorite blog to geek out to?


One response to “Slaughterhouse 90210.

  1. OMIGOSH!!! Why do I not know about this!?! Amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing…do you also read libraryland?! I love that tumblr!

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