Dear Sophie Lee.

Not going to lie, this video totally made me teary-eyed. Such a tender and modern way for a father to document the youth of his daughter.

In the same vein as my previous post, I’m equal parts skeptical and in awe of the ways in which technology has so permeated our perception of reality, to the point where people are, with increasing frequency, using strictly digital mediums to archive their memories and document the lives of their children instead of using the tangible mediums of yesteryear. I’ll posit this: Is Google Chrome the new scrapbooking? Discuss.


One response to “Dear Sophie Lee.

  1. I use Google Chrome for the internet whenever I’m messing around(like right now because I’m supposed to be doing school shhhhh!)Anyways, I personally like photo albums but you know that’s just me; I hope the world doesn’t come to using the internet for everything like documenting your childs life like that, if my future husband does that I’m going to be so mad and make him do a photo album instead 🙂

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