Music Video Monday #28: The Kills’ “Satellite.”

First of all, I love The Kills. Second of all, this video is incredibly visually fascinating to me. There isn’t a strong narrative, but the bits and pieces that constitute the video (the constant interchange between dark and light, flashes of disorientation and adolescent tomfoolery, the repetition of a car crash in black and white, the pilgrimage to the coast) are very intriguing, both as simply snippets out of context and as an amalgam of singular images that form a whole.


5 responses to “Music Video Monday #28: The Kills’ “Satellite.”

  1. sweet video. I now love The Kills.

  2. pretty cool, it makes me think of those brainwashing videos where there’s a subliminal message you don’t get if you think about it too much

  3. I have been a Kills fan for some time. Love the reverbs. thanks for this.

  4. First of all, I’m sorry for my bad English. I read well, but I write poorly.
    I went to your blog because I saw the post about tattoos on the homepage of wordpress and take a good time in your pages, texts, videos and photos. I turned fan. Absolutely loved it. I’ve signed up for their updates to not lose your posts. It was like to meet you.
    Congratulations on your blog and you can always count on my visits.

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