Wise Words From Lady Gaga.



4 responses to “Wise Words From Lady Gaga.

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  2. love your site…just stumbled upon it from Freshly Pressed…I may be wrong but noticed in your “23 Before 24” you mentioned Kayak Lake Union and hike Mt. Si…are you a Seattleite?! How cool to find someone from the same neck of the woods, keep blogging and being unique.


  3. AH!
    i ran into your blog….as it was featured on wordpress. started looking around and was like, this person is so similar to myself! i’m guessing you live in the seattle area as you want to kayak lake union. 🙂 i also noticed that you’re looking for a church? i am canadian but lived 2 incredible years in seattle. i went to a church in green lake called bethany community church. i love the pastor, he’s quirky, musical and reminds me a bit of a muppet (which is my favorite). you might check it out sometime….i miss it.
    also, i’m going to re-post this lady gaga blog if you don’t mind. i’ll give you the credit. i just love it!

  4. Prinzessin Zarella auf der Erbse

    Thanks for this post! Just what i needed! 😉

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