Someone Like You.

Yep, it’s another Adele video. This one, though, feels so much more tangible to me because it’s filmed in her home and the nuanced wistfulness is unscripted but totally palpable. There’s a moment when she’s smoking her cigarette and she kind of smiles, but it’s the saddest smile I’ve almost ever seen; you can tell this girl has been through some serious heartache. This song is so heartbreaking and I think it’s beautiful, but honestly, I find what Adele speaks about before she starts singing to be the most fascinating and powerful thing about this video. Enjoy, friends.


3 responses to “Someone Like You.

  1. She’s really hot right now. Though the video didn’t work. XD

    • Arghh, I know! It’s getting increasingly difficult for me to find YouTube videos that will ACTUALLY PLAY on my blog. But if you click to play the vid, it will give you a link to watch it on YouTube… so I figure that’s the next best thing! 🙂

  2. I LOVE this song and more importantly, this version in her home! It’s so personal and painfully sweet.

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