Girl Talk.

I heard this song on the radio today and was blown away. I’d never really listened to Girl Talk before, but I’d read and heard about the controversy surrounding his use of sampling and the arguments that’s it’s plagiarism, which is intriguing in itself.

I can see how it could be construed as such, but I see it as more of a reinterpretation. It seems less about copying other artists than using their music as a springboard, a jumping-off point: he’s taking songs and combining them with other songs to create something new that is entirely different than the components it’s comprised of. I think there’s something genius in that: to think outside the box and bring seemingly disparate sonic elements together into a singular musical entity that is artfully rendered. Anyone who can sample Jay-Z, Beck, Snoop Dogg, Jean Knight, Rihanna and Fugazi (among others) in single song has to have some skill, am I right?

Girl Talk’s latest album, All Day, is available for download on and it’s free, so you should probably download it. I know I’m going to.


One response to “Girl Talk.

  1. You gotta listen to Feed the Animals! It’s his best.

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