Echo Chamber.

I’ve started making a habit of attending Compline, a service at St. Mark Episcopal church that consists of amazing chanting/chamber music, on Sunday nights. It’s a very relaxing way to end the weekend.


The cathedral is always packed with people, most of whom are sprawled out on the floor with their eyes closed. The way the singing echoes and reverberates within the high-ceilinged stone space is something so palpable, so deeply felt within every part of my body, and it’s incredible. But somehow, it’s not the melodic echo of voices, but rather the silences in between, that make me feel the closest to God, or what I think of as God in my mind.

Meditations on silence forthcoming tomorrow.


2 responses to “Echo Chamber.

  1. Our music is more Anglican and lends to silence. So are our messages from the pastor. It is nice to have those meditative moments. Ironic in that most of us who wish for such moments tend to think we have to experience them alone in solitude. The strength of communal worship carried out this way perhaps helps us all to understand how closely connected our thoughts and feelings really are.

  2. Shared Connection.
    Polyphony singing Eric Whitacres Sleep. Enjoy.

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