Dreams of Red Hair.

Photobucket via

Usually when I’m feeling restless and am itching for a change, I do something drastic to my hair. I’ve had my share of major haircuts over the past few years, but through it all I’ve remained a blonde (except for the short-lived period in high school when I decided to go brunette a la Mandy Moore… but let’s not talk about that). Lately I’ve been thinking that red hair is especially lovely, and wishing that I had the guts to go firey. Red hair always stands out, and it’s rare, and it can be an instant visual marker of sassiness, a quality that I have never experienced a shortage of. I’ve always had a fondness for red-haired boys and have always caught a lot of flack for it; there seems to be such an unnecessary stigma surrounding the crimson-tressed among us. I think red hair is beautiful, and I would love to join the ranks of the lovely red-haired ladies of the world. Among them:

Photobucket The hilarious Emma Stone

Photobucket My feminist hero, Joan Holloway (aka Christina Hendricks)

Photobucket The gentle Julianne Moore

Photobucket The indie dream girl,  Jenny Lewis

Photobucket The timeless Susan Sarandon

Photobucket The most super of supermodels, Lily Cole (above) and Karen Elson (below)


Photobucket And perhaps my favorite redhead of all time: the inimitable Molly Ringwald

Oh, to have such naturally beautiful red hair as these ladies… what I wouldn’t give. I don’t have the courage to go red now, but maybe someday.


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