On The Shoulders of Giants.

I decided to go for a hike this morning, thinking it was about time for me to start training to hike Mt. Si this summer. Little did I know that the trail would be covered with snow and ice, and that the low low temperature would create the sensation of intense wind burn on my face, and that my ipod would die fifteen minutes into my hike.

But despite how awful it may sound, it was actually perfect, and exactly what I needed. The extreme cold and the bright whiteness of the snow was like a jolt to my system, and it’s so seldom that I get to experience the degree of silence that I experienced today. It was kind of beautiful.



I’ve been feeling so stagnant and small lately, but standing on the side of mountain in the snow has given me the kind of perspective that only cold weather and high altitudes can provide. Being on a mountain can make a person feel so large (“I’m so high up above everything, like a god!”) and so small (“I’m a mere speck on the face of this mountain!”) simultaneously. But it was a feeling that I welcomed with half-frozen arms.


One response to “On The Shoulders of Giants.

  1. I’ve hiked Mount Si twice now, and intend to do it again this summer as well! How wonderful to reach the top and see the snow covered landscape below. Gorgeous!

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