Bright Lights, Big City.

I’ve had the same roll of film in my camera since August. It’s kind of embarrassing. So on Monday night, in an effort to finish up the roll, I grabbed my tripod and walked a couple blocks from my apartment to the 45th Street bridge and set up shop to take some B-Setting photos. I took photography classes for more than half of high school and B-Settings were always some of my favorite photos to take. The results were always so unpredictable, but incredibly lovely.

Here is a photo taken from the south side of the bridge, toward downtown:

And here’s the north side:

PhotobucketAfter getting these photos developed, I remembered how much these kinds of photos move me. Light, and all of the things it can do, is truly one of the most beautiful and miraculous natural phenomena. I’m planning on starting a series of B-Setting photos so that I can capture all of the rushing and whooshing and brightness of some of my favorite spots in Seattle. Just thinking about it makes me kind of nostalgic, even though I still live here.


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