List-O-Mania: 11 Celebrity Crushes.

I was reading Elsie‘s blog today and saw that she did a post about her celebrity crushes, so I’m joining the bandwagon. Because I have crushes on celebrities that are both obvious choices and unconventional choices. I guess I just have eclectic taste.

Photobucket 1. Sufjan Stevens
He’s just brimming over with talent and creativity, and he isn’t afraid to be weird and push his boundaries musically.

Photobucket 2. Adrian Brody
Tall and lanky and a big nose: I like.

Photobucket 3. Michael C. Hall
On top of being really good-looking (I always approve when he’s shirtless on Dexter), he’s so humble and intuitive and serious about his craft.

Photobucket 4. Jason Schwartzman
Humor is a road that leads directly to my heart. Jason Schwartzman has me forever.

Photobucket 5. Justin Timberlake
An obvious choice. His talent knows no bounds and he’s got enough charisma to light up the whole world.

Photobucket 6. John Corbett
So likable. Just seems like a really nice, laid-back guy with a great sense of humor.

Photobucket 7. Kyp Malone
The beard. ‘Nuff said.

Photobucket 8. Jon Hamm
One of the most gorgeous men I’ve ever seen, and a fantastic actor to boot.

Photobucket 9. John Slattery
Mad Men‘s resident silver fox is all about dry humor, dresses impeccably and proves that sex appeal has nothing to do with age. Not much there to dislike.

Photobucket 10. Win Butler
Dark, mysterious, passionate. Yes.

Photobucket 11. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
He seems like such a goofy, good-natured person in real life, and he’s only gotten cuter since he was a long-haired teenager on 3rd Rock From The Sun.

Who are your celebrity crushes?


One response to “List-O-Mania: 11 Celebrity Crushes.

  1. Haha, I’m listening to “Age of Ads” right now! I love this list; I’m inspired to make one of my own.

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