Snowpocalypse 2.0 Makes For A Nice Day Off From Work.

Seattle is in full blizzard mode. After a full day of snowfall and driving the ten miles from work to home across sheets of ice on the highway for three and half hours, I made the command decision to not even attempt to drive today. Which worked out great because the entire city has essentially shut down.


The snow is kind of scary, but in spite of its fear-provoking qualities, I managed to make the best of it and have a really nice day off from work today. I walked up to Wallingford to the QFC to get hot chocolate and marshmallows, and Bailey’s Irish Cream from the liquor store to go with it. I also stopped at a quaint little French bakery on the way home and got an apple tart, which was heavenly. It was strange and wonderful to walk around town and see how people were reacting to the weather conditions, especially the kids.


I spent a better part of the rest of the day sewing. I made a pillow cover with piping for the chaise lounge I’m reupholstering, and I’m excited to get the other two pillows finished, along with the cushion, so that we can actually sit on it and use it.


I also worked on a new little baby blanket for the shop. When I was in Vancouver a couple weekends ago, my godmother gave me a bag of fabric that her niece was planning to use to make a quilt; I guess she decided she didn’t want to make the quilt after all, so I got to take it all home with me. I love when things like that happen. The blanket is nearly done: all I have left to do is the binding. Hopefully the roads will clear up tomorrow so that I can drive to Joann’s and get some red thread!


I also made an excellent chicken tortilla soup for dinner. So tasty. Most of the time when I come home from work, I’m so exhausted from commuting for an hour that I just don’t have the energy to cook anything a lot of the time (and it doesn’t help that our stove still doesn’t work… grrrr). So that was another positive aspect of the day off: being able to actually cook a good meal.

Now I’ve got a cup of Bailey’s and hot cocoa and I’ve been nestled into my bed and watching Felicity while I wait for my photos to upload at a painfully slow rate.

Seattlites, how did you spend the snow day?


One response to “Snowpocalypse 2.0 Makes For A Nice Day Off From Work.

  1. Hi Kendall, I love the red/black/yellow quilt — looks cozy. It’s been icy in Ballard, too, but finally melting. Do you go to the Fabric Crush in Wallingford? I live near the JoAnn’s but wish ‘Crush had more apparel fabrics. – Kris,

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