How Does Jimmy Fallon Do It?

Jimmy Fallon was never one of my SNL faves. I never found him very funny (although it was funny when he couldn’t contain his laughter during especially hilarious skits), and even now I only find him moderately funny part of the time. But as a late night talk show host, he’s really gone above and beyond and deserves some major dap. Not only does he have the best band in late night, The Roots, but he’s managed to nab a handful of elusive artists to perform on his show. He snagged Joanna Newsom earlier this year (it probably didn’t hurt that he’s pals with her boyfriend, Andy Samberg), and in recent weeks he’s had Robyn perform a rousing dance set, as well as Sufjan Stevens in his first-ever network television performance (!).

My hats off to you, Fallon.


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