A Little Break.

My five faithful readers may have noticed that I’ve been largely absent from my blog this past week, and here’s why:

1. I have been sewing morning, noon and night because I’m preparing to open an etsy shop! I’m hoping to start selling on November 1st, which means I have to a decent-sized arsenal of wares before then, which means work work work. (ps. I’m still in need of an etsy shop name… if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!)

2. Aside from sewing, I’ve been doing a lot of driving lately, and as we all know, one cannot blog when one has to keep their eyes on the road. Last weekend I traveled down to Salem, OR, with my aunt to see one of my cousins play a show, which was incredible, by the way. Then on Thursday, I had to drive to Seattle for a job interview. I’m crossing my fingers. And then yesterday morning, I drove down to Portland from Seattle to go to a quilt expo with my aunt and to fly to Colorado.

3. Which brings me to right now: I’m in Colorado! I’m here for a friend’s wedding, and will be returning Sunday night. I’m excited to get to explore Colorado Springs a little, since I’ve never been to Colorado before.

So much busy-ness, right? I promise, Girl Scout’s honor, that I will be posting more regularly next week and possibly even giving a little sneak peak at my pending etsy shop.

Happy weekend, all!


2 responses to “A Little Break.

  1. Your new shop name:

    ‘Sew Bitchin’

  2. I’m adding it to the shortlist!

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