ANNOUNCEMENT: New Blog Address.

After two years at, it’s time to move on to greener and more professional pastures. When I studied abroad in South Africa two summers ago, our program blog was through WordPress, and because my bestie Mia always called me KG, I chose that as my super-simple and kind of cutesy username to be able to write on the group blog. It stuck when I branched out into my own blog and it has served me well, but much like when I stopped wearing outfits that gave the appearance I got dressed in the dark and when I dyed my hair from platinum to a more human-looking shade of blonde, it’s time to grow up. No one calls me KG anymore, and I feel kind of silly typing my blog address on my resume.

So, in an attempt to be taken a little more seriously (by others and by myself), I am embarking on a new blog address, which henceforth will be Easy enough, right? A little more straightforward and professional, and, I’m hoping, will be a smooth transition when I (hopefully) make my blog a dot com someday. I’m going to leave this blog up for about another week or so, just to make sure that my five faithful readers get the memo, and continuing to post on this and the other, and then I will be deleting this address. Follow me, earthlings, to a new uncharted territory that I will attempt to conquer with relative ease and aplomb!


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